Sales of prestigious used vehicles and SUVs

Buying your car from Belini Motors means opting for a personalised, exclusive and high-quality service. Our passion for cars means we only sell optimally maintained vehicles in mint condition. Our maintenance, valeting and transport partners for your new car are trusted partners and their work is always impeccable. The team at Belini Motors offers exemplary follow-up until the delivery of your new vehicle anywhere in Europe.

Voitures haut de gamme

Selection and expertise

Whether you are looking for an SUV, a premium vehicle or a used car, we make it a point of honour to hand pick our all vehicles.

Our passion for cars and mechanics, coupled with our experience as a used car dealership, are a testament to our professionalism. Quality is always at the heart of our service.


Comprehensive service

All the vehicles we sell have been carefully inspected by our automobile expert.

We work with official dealerships to ensure the best service and maintenance of our vehicles.

All our vehicles are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.

Intérieur de voiture

Before we deliver your dream vehicle, it will be prepared by our valeting partner who will deep-clean your new prestigious car:

  • Premium valeting inside and out
  • Protective bodywork treatment
  • Care of leather and fabric interiors
  • Anti-odour treatment
  • Disinfection of the AC system

Paperwork and transport

Wherever you live, we can deliver your new vehicle right to your door, Depending on your preferences, we work closely with transporters who can arrange the delivery of your new vehicle.

Or if you prefer, a member of our team can deliver your new car as part of our exclusive service. We will also take care of all the paperwork to obtain transit plates.

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