Buying your luxury used car

Are you looking to replace your car with a more recent model without the hassle of selling your old vehicle? Then get in touch with the team at Belini Motors to sell your SUV or other luxury car. Our automobile expert will carry out a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle in order to give you the exact sales price. We can also help with the paperwork to ensure that the sale goes as smoothly as possible.

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Personalised service

At Belini Motors, we believe that each customer should be treated with the same exclusivity. We guarantee a warm welcome while attentively listening to your needs and finding personalised solutions. Our passion and knowledge of cars means that we can be very proactive, as well as take care of all the paperwork. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do and we guarantee you a hassle-free sale.

A prestigious reputation

Thanks to our experience, Belini Motors has built a second-to-none reputation as a prestigious used car dealership. We specialise in high-end vehicles and are always on the lookout for new cars to buy. The painstaking selection of our vehicles ensures high-quality contacts, and the fast and exclusive sales of many used SUVs.


Try a used vehicle for your next luxury car

The trio behind Belini Motors work in perfect harmony to guarantee rapid, accurate and transparent transactions.

Our highly professional automobile expert - since 1992 - will fully inspect your prestigious car:

  • Overall condition
  • Engine and mechanics
  • System and electrics
  • Interior comfort and equipment
  • And any other aspect specific to your vehicle.

International network

Belini Motors works with an extensive network of trusted partners throughout Europe. Because we have access to multiple buying and selling platforms around the world, we can easily locate vehicles that meet our high standards and those of our customers.

If you are looking for a vehicle or want to purchase the car of your dreams, contact the team at Belini Motors. We will take care of the search for your next car and can be commissioned to search for any vehicle based on your criteria. Call us.

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